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I’ve been tagged to answer questions by waterlily2727

1) Have you ever fallen asleep in public?
Yes, surprisingly, then got made fun of for doing so.
2) Would you like to travel?
3) Where would you like to go?
Well I’m a real nerd when it comes to history. So basically any where in Europe, China, Egypt, and Iceland.
4) Favorite movie?
The Color Purple
5) Do you need certain things to sleep?
6) Hot or cold weather?
Cold weather
7) What is the closest thing to your left?
My sketch pad
8) Do you cosplay or do you want to?
I’ve never cosplayed but if I had the oppurtunity I’d do it every chance I got.
9) How do you pass your free time?
Mostly drawing, reading a book, and listening to music.
10) Whats the most embarrising thing you’ve done or said?
Well, at one of my speech and debate tournaments there was a super steep flight of stairs. My coach being the awesome person that he is, stopped at this coffee shop to let all of us get coffee since we had all had a long night and had to wake up rhe following morning at 5:30 to get ready for extempt. This girl in front of me was wearing heals that were 9 inches at the most. She was on her cell phone and wasnt paying attention to where she was going and ended up slipping. In attempt to make sure that both she and I didnt go falling down the stairs I grabbed at her and my coffee went flying. It ended up spilling all over the stairs causing more people to slip….
11) Is there anyone online you want to meet? Can you say why?
Well i’d love to meet Capndesdes (Destery Smith) because the guy makes me laugh with every youtube video he posts. Shane Dawson because he sincerely cares about his fans and is utterly and totally adorable. Waterlily2727 ( Jaime )because she’s funny and she says im colourful XD. Emo413(Zelena) because shes a goober jelly. Theres more where that came from but you guys know who you are and I love you.

NEW QUESTIONS 1) How are you today?
2) What kind of music are you into?
3) Can you name some of your favorite bands?
4) Do you consider your self a gamer? Why or why not?
5) Do you have any pets?
6) Favorite TV show?
7) Best friend?
8) Last person you talked to?
9) Person from a band that you wanna meet and why?
10) Do you wanna build a snowman?

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